The brand

"Etcaetera Création ... Metal, hacks and little hands"

Etcaetera Création is a jewelry brand created in 2016 by Sophie Duchamp. In his workshop located in the beautiful department of Drôme (26,500 Bourg les Valence), his little hands skillfully dance and gesture to make a range of fine and elegant jewelry. His personal touch: the watermark ... a Colombian heritage.

The creations for men and women combine the work of precious metal, design and color in search of shapes, curves ... in search of elegance, poetics and refinement.
Les p'tites mains like to focus on small series or unique pieces.

The "Etcaetera Création" jewelry is designed along 3 axes:
  • The collections :

Every year, three collections are created. These are the TRILOGIES. These are broken down into tables generally inspired by a particular theme.

For TRILOGY 2020, these are: Bulbujas (bubbles, silver circles), La Momposinita (Ethnic, pre-Colombian), Envoluté (Volutes, Baroque). You want to discover them ... click on the icon below.

  • Tailor-made :

Les p'tites mains adore these challenges ... where we start from the idea of someone to give life to an object ...

Together we draw, we sketch, we question, we propose, we estimate a price ... Then the little hands are at your service to create a unique piece ... Your unique piece. They make it out of metal, giving it shape in the material. Each piece (wedding ring, gift, exceptional jewel) is thus imagined to best correspond to your identity, then restoring all its symbolism and its preciousness to your jewel.

To see some Tailor-made projects click on the icon below.

  • The little novelties

Little jewels born in the workshop in a burst of inspiration. When the little hands create, they often do it according to the ideas of the moment, the adaptation ... without a net, they manufacture shapes, patterns. So in addition to the collections there is also a whole range of small series. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings ... a mishmash of little "Etcaetera Création" jewelry. To discover them, click on the icon below.

Here is the little overview of the brand
"Etcaetera Creation"
Signed “Les p'tites Mains…