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<transcy>The &quot;TRILOGY 2020&quot; Collections</transcy>

<transcy>&quot;Bulbujas&quot; collection</transcy>

Small bubbles of silver and threads come together in a joyful mishmash ... a collection full of curves and textures. The poetry of saltimbanquerie.

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<transcy>&quot;Envoluté&quot; collection</transcy>

Chic style and baroque inspiration for this range of elegant and refined jewelry ... The sulphurous feminine.

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<transcy>Collection &quot;La Momposinita&quot;</transcy>

Pre-Columbian inspiration ... Ethnic style jewelry. The wild side of an Amazon.

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Les Bagues Dentelle

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<transcy>The P&#39;tites Mains Manifesto ...</transcy>

In this world of industrialization, mass production, machinization ... Man is gradually replaced by machines, labor power in the service of productivity.

In this context, manual skills are true cultural treasures. It is essential to maintain our manual skills ... The man with the gripping thumb. His hands, an asset in the evolution of species. Little hands in action ... skilled ... multiple ... creative.

Craftsmanship is a wealth, it gives a soul to objects ...

To those who transform the material to make it beautiful.

To those who create from the magic of the hands.

To those who connect their souls by making with their hands.

To those who allow them to make a living by buying their creations ... Objects which are the result of their journey, their patience, the sharing of know-how, the time spent imagining, creating, manufacturing ... service of beauty and poetry.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... So surround yourself with passionate objects, filled with love and know-how ... Do not let the world of overconsumption conquer you ... Buy useful ... Art l is ... Seek the essence of objects ... Be sensitive and dreamy ... Encourage beauty and creation ... A little magic is needed.

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